Huntington Swim and Tennis Club

HSTC is conveniently located on Chicago Ave. about two blocks west of South Naper Blvd in Naperville. We have a spacious parking area with bike racks and can be easily accessed by walkers through the Huntington Commons subdivision.

Our club is open to members from Memorial Day through Labor Day. We feature a 20 yard 4 lane pool with a diving well and diving board, 2 outdoor tennis courts and a Clubhouse with mens and ladies dressing areas and showers. We also have sand volleyball and shuffleboard courts, and a popular covered adult lounge are with outdoor grills.

Involved residents, a board of directors and employees provide management and guidance that allows us to offer a beautifully maintained facility with a variety of swimming, tennis and social activities. Reasonably priced swimming and tennis lessons are also available. The club is also home to our Huntington Barracudas Swim Team.

Four Easy Steps To Join Us

  1. Buy a bond from an existing bondholder at a negotiated price or from the club board of directors at a fixed price.
  2. Fill out the Registration Form, attach written confirmation from you and seller that a sale has occured. Sale confirmation may also be emailed to
  3. Mail registration form, proof of sale document and $75.00 transfer fee to: Huntington Swim and Tennis Club, P.O. Box 201, Naperville, IL 60566.
  4. Pay annual club dues by May 15th (May be included with items mailed in Step #3)

Mail Your Payment

Mail payment to:
Huntington Swim and Tennis Club
PO Box 201
Naperville, IL 60566

Membership Contact

Have questions or want to inquire about joining? Please contact: Jarod Hart, Membership Chairman,

Membership Specifics

Equity membership:
There are two types of equity members, Active and Maintenance. Active equity members are those that have an equity bond and have full use of the pool and all social activities. Maintenance members are equity members that do not have use of the pool, but keep their bond active for social activities. Equity bonds can be purchased from the pool or from a current equity bond holder that is selling their bond. Dues "travel" with the bond. Consequently, if a bond is purchased from an equity member that has not paid their dues, it will be the responsibility of the current owner to bring all past dues current (including any late fees). If you are interested in buying a bond and are unsure whether the bondholders are current with their dues, please contact the membership chairperson or the treasurer.

Trial Membership ($595 for 2021 season):
In addition to the equity membership, we do offer a limited number of Trial Memberships. This type of membership is at the discretion of the board. As the name implies, it is good for one year only and it has the same access to the pool and social activities as an active member. After one year as a Trial member an equity bond will be required to be purchased (either from the pool or existing bondholder) to gain access to the pool.

Tennis Only Family Membership ($100 for 2021 season):

The price for a bond from the pool will be determined by the board at the beginning of each season and will be communicated in the annual President’s letter. $1000 in 2021. A bond purchased from an existing bondholder is independently negotiated between buyer and seller. The pool board will not be responsible for negotiating bonds or buying back bonds from bondholders. To make sure bond transfers are approved, please see the requirements under "Bond Transfers".

Dues for active and maintenance bonds will be determined by the board at the beginning of each season. Bondholders are required to pay dues until their bond is sold or forfeited. Unpaid dues for one year are considered forfeited and revert back to the pool.

Guest Policy:
There will be no guests in 2021 due to limited capacity.

Bond Transfers

There are four things required for a bond transfer to be completed:
  1. Written confirmation from buyer and seller that a sale has taken place. (Email notification to is sufficient)
  2. $75 transfer fee made payable to Huntington Swim and Tennis Club (mail to: PO Box 201, Naperville, IL 60566)
  3. Registration form filled out. This can be found on the website under the link for registration form and/or the link for the President’s letter
  4. Payment of dues (if they were not already paid with the bond).