About Our Club

Here are the services and facilities we offer for swimming, swim team, swimming lessons, tennis and tennis lessons, and social activities.



Open Swim

Adult Swim

Swim Meets

Swimming Lessons

Swim Team

Home of the Huntington Barracudas

swim team

Swim team liaison is Dana Hall

President is Scott Burtnette

Head Coach is Nathan Gray

Assistant Coaches are Grace Sheridan and TBD

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Swimming Lessons

Available to children of members ages 4 and up.

2021 Swim Lessons Schedule and Signup Forms

swimming lessons

Contact Anna Martinkus    630.849.6559

Tennis Team and Lessons

Available for adults and children

2020 Tennis Schedule and Signup Forms

tennis lessons

Head pro: Matt Burghgraef, 630.207.7033, will be leading our Juniors teams, kid's lessons and helping with adult drills. Assistants are Zach and Preston.

Tennis lessons begin the week of July 6, 2020.

If you have any questions about our tennis programs please contact Lani Lyons, 630.723.4423